So this week has been kind of spicy for Bella. 

As you may or may not know. She was dating Gregg Sulkin and recently they broke up. 

Well since they broke up. They weren’t very open on why they broke up but we think we know why. 

After they publicly broke up Bella has been spotted a lot with her friend Alex. 

They would post snapchats casually kissing. At first it did seem like a joke,but then it started happening way too often. Then this week Bella was answering some questions from fans on Twitter. She answered a question that quickly got attention. One of her fans asked if she is bisexual and she answered yes.

She quickly received a lot of support from her fans.

She thanked her fans after the tremendous amount of support.

People also started wondering if that’s why she broke up with Gregg Sulkin. Was it because he found out she’s bisexual? Was it some reason that’ll shock us all? Whatever it is we’d all love to know 

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