Social media has gotten a huge shake in the protest of High School girls complain about the school policy of how their hair should be.

Apparently this all started with a small 13 year old girl called Zulaikha Patel who has a beautiful afro that seems to be against the school rules. Zulaikha’s hair had cause the controversy in the school and so has some other situation. South Africa is know for its many cultures and the cultures. So the cultures and sometimes religions have thing that are not only used but also worn. Zulaikha had been told to straighten her hair or cut it to make it a lot neater and this infuriated a lot of student who adored her big afro.She is such tough  girls and a fighter.

The girls went on to protest and spread through social media causing a lot of opinions to be said on the top.

We strongly believe that Zulaikha is a brave and strong young girl. Hair doesn’t define us as people. 

We strongly believe that the school should think of not only it’s culture and rules but also of the students cultures and rules.