Former star Chris Brown is caught in another drama.

The police were at Chris Brown’s house at early morning and he wasn’t happy about it. 

Chris Brown is once again in a media frenzy again. A woman reportadly said that he held her with a gun while she was admiring a jewellery . The woman by the name of Bailey Curent also appeared on TMZ live to talk about the incident. She says she called 911 after he assulted her while she was admiring a piece of jewellery in his home. The police rushed to his house at 3 am to search for the weapon he assulted her with. He wouldn’t let them in without a search warranty and he asked them to leave. The entire time Chris stayed in his house not daring to step outside. A close source tells us that her threw a bag at the cops that apparently contained drugs and shouted.”Come and get me!”

While all this was going on Chris posted a series of Instagram video explaining his frustration with the situation. Saying stuff like, “What the f××k els do you want. I stay out of the way take care of my daughter and work!” He also went on a rant that crazy situation like this happening every 3 months just need to stop.After house of waiting the police finally got a search warranty . They went on to search the home for the weapon he was said to use when he assaulted Bailey Curent.

After the search, Chris went on to have a friendly conversation with the police as if this never happened.

On top of all the current drama his baby mamma made things worse.

 By saying that their daughter, Royalty was present when he was assaulting Bailey. 

However that was quickly dismissed when Chris’s eterny who told E that it’s catagorically not true, she wasn’t and isn’t here. We believe Chris wouldn’t put his daughter in such a situation.

Comment what your thoughts on this are. 

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