Justin and Sofia finally called it off or did they?

Justin  Bieber and Sofia Riche  broke up after their complicated relationship. Most belieber are happy because not that many people shipped them. Sofia apparently called it quits because she wanted something serious with Justin but he didn’t or Justin lost interest. Sofia was spotted having a blast at her latest fashion show while Justin was all the way in Europe partying. Apparently they also didn’t have a break up conversation  so it makes us wonder if they really did.

All these relationships  Justin has been in since his relationship with Selena haven’t been serious. 

It makes us wonder whether he either has commitment issues with someone who isn’t Selena or whether his just being a player/fuckboys.

After all the thing thing Justin thing Justin has thing Justin has done things Justin has done for Sofia from travelling around with her, buying her gifts for her birthday and even deleting his Instagram as a way of blocking all the hate that was thrown towards their relationship. This has been quite complicated to understand not only for us but quite a lot of beliebers out there.