Taylor Swift is well known for her great,catchy songs. We are here to count down our top 10 Taylor Swift songs.Grab your popcorn and let’s count down.

10. Style
The song that had the world going crazy as it was dedicated to her previous boyfriend Harry Styles.

9.New Romantics 

The song that celebrated Taylor’s 1989 song and made us reflect on the amazing tour.

8. Love Story 

One of Taylor’s most beautiful songs from when she was country.This song honestly gave us hope and belief in love.7. Out Of The Woods
The song that we all used to as a reference whenever we exited a horrible situation or relationship.

6. You Belong With Me

The song that made us all feel like Taylor was that best friend that understood our struggles and sang us this beautiful song as if we were in a Disney Movie.

5. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 

The song that quickly became an empowering anthem that we all sang  on a night out after a break up or in our Ex’s face.

4 . Wildest dreams 

The song the showed the most beautiful sad break up.


The song we all instantly fell in love with and sang for weeks on repeat while crying at the thought of all our Ex’s.

2. Bad Blood

The song that left the entire internet SHOOK  at its insane video and had us playing it every time we needed some pumping up.

1.Blank Space 

Taylor’s best song yet. Had the entire world singing along to her insane and funny catchy lyrics.

We honest can’t wait for Taylor’s next album rumoured to come out later this year. Let’s see if any of her new song will top off  Blank Space 

And we couldn’t end without mentioning a song that actually should have been in the top 10 and that’s Shake It Off.