Celebrity couples are the easiest to fall in love with but it’s extremely hard when you have to pick sides when they break up.💔

Here’s a list of couples we wish still existed.

5 . Colleen Ballinger + Joshua Evans 

Youtube couple the shocked the Internet when they divorced last year. They were so cute and we’ve all watched their wedding video more than once. RIP Joshleen 

4. Rihanna + Drake 

Last we got a taste of the romantic perfect match but somehow the universe couldn’t let it be and they broke us a while later.

3 . Angelina Jolie + Brad Pitt 

Marriage goal.We all thought the universe made these two for each other and their kids were just flawless. But when divorce news came in and flooded headlines. No one could believed it.RIP Brangelina 

2. Ariana Grande + Big Sean 

Why just why!What more did we need after Problem and The Way actual goals.

1.Selena Gomez + Justin Bieber 

This was a roller coaster for everyone. So many ups and downs. It was too much for anyone to handle. Their honestly really good with or without each other.RIP Jelena 

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Hope we haven’t made you not believe in love.💓💜