This week was the final week of Dancing with the Stars which Normani featured on and was in the top 3. Then in her final dance with her partner they got a whopping perfect score.

But since to pic the final winner, what counts is their overall score, votes and growth throughout the season. 

Normani shocking got 3rd place which her band mates and fans weren’t too proud of the judges decision of placing her 3rd.

Normani on the other hand was content with her achievement and went on to say this.“I think that everybody is super deserving. We all walked n with expectations and goals that we set for ourselves and I think I accomplished just that,” she told E! News after Rashad Jennings took home the top prize. “I’m a stronger, creatively, even as a human being I’ve learned so much and I’ve just grown and I had the best partner ever and I wouldn’t be able to get this journey without him.”

Normani also went on to post a lengthy Instagram post on her thoughts and feelings after this season.

Normani recently also made the cover of Kontrol magazine and is looking stunning AF.

But honestly congratulations Normani Kordei you are a winner to all us harmonizers.